Set of measures to alleviate price hikes to be outlined before 1 April

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Prime minister Plenković said on Thursday that he did not want to speculate about the reduction of Value Added Tax rates on electricity and gas, adding that a set of measures to mitigate price hikes would be made public before 1 April.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on Wednesday informed the national parliament about possible measures to address the consequences of rising energy prices for the enterprise sector and households.

Three-layered set of measures

The set of those measures will be based on three segments: an upgrade of the existing model of vouchers for the socially most vulnerable categories of the population, a possible contribution of the HEP power company and other companies to efforts to alleviate price increases, and changes in the taxation policy.

The government is still not considering the abolishment of COVID certificates

The topic of doing away with COVID passes has been raised since Israeli Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman called for an end to the COVID certificate mandate and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that possibility.

This prompted Dario Hrebak, leader of the Croatian Social and Liberal Party (HSLS), a junior partner in the ruling coalition in Croatia, to state that thought should be given to abolishing COVID certificates.

However, Plenković explained that revoking COVID passes is being considered in countries with much higher vaccination rates than in Croatia, adding that Hrebak's suggestion at the last coalition meeting was just one of the comments.

"We must give doctors some more time to make a decision based on further developments," the premier said, adding that it was good that the Omicron variant seems to be a milder variant.

Plenković reiterated that his cabinet and Construction Minister Darko Horvat, whose resignation is being demanded by the Opposition due to a slow rate of post-quake reconstruction, enjoyed the support of the ruling majority.

PM: Chief of staff Frka-Petešić won't resign, one more example of mudslinging

Asked by the press about the case of his chief-of-staff Zvonimir Frka Petešić, who has registered permanent residence on the island of Dugi Otok while having been employed in Zagreb for several years, Plenković said ironically that this was one splendid example of "turning Frka Petešić into a problem".

In connection with media reports about Frka Petešić using a state-owned flat in Zagreb, Plenković said that everything seemed to be o.k. with that and that Frka Petešić possessed no property either in Croatia or in France (where he used to live before moving to Croatia).

This is one more example of mudslinging, and we will draw the line here, the PM said, adding that it was evident Frka Petešić had not done anything wrong.

The prime minister recalled that the flat concerned had been previously occupied by former minister Branko Salaj, former minister Gordana Sobol, and former state secretary Sonja Čikotić, during their terms in office.

Text: Hina