Social Minister Opacic: New projects to help the poor without welfare benefits

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The Ministry of Social Policy and Youth this year will in cooperation with civil society organisations implement several new projects to assist poor citizens and families who are not encompassed by welfare measures, Minister Milanka Opacic reported on Monday.

"In cooperation with civil society organisations, this year we will implement new projects for citizens faced with relative poverty and people who are only temporarily employed and therefore are not eligible for welfare. these families and their children will be provided with school equipment, school lunch, supply of everyday needs and eligibility for social food pantries as well as providing transport for the elderly and disabled," Opacic told a press conference.

We also plan to implement a project to care for the homeless and volunteers, and to assist children from socially and materially vulnerable families with learning.

As an example Opacic noted a mother with three children and an income of HRK 2,400, because she is employed and is not eligible for welfare yet her income is not sufficient for a four-member family. Families like this will receive assistance to pay for school lunches, to buy clothing and footwear for Physical Education classes, etc, she said.

Similarly to last year, she added, the ministry will allocate HRK 3.2 million for programmes to help children from socially and materially vulnerable families with learning.

A tender will be published in March calling for projects for which HRK 24 million has been allocated for civil society organisations, she added.

That HRK 24 million are additional funds to the HRK 154.6 million allocated last year for civil society projects.

Last year the ministry paid out HRK 3.5 for welfare beneficiaries.

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