Statement of Deputy PM and minister Martina Dalic

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Economy Minister Martina Dalic said on Wednesday that structural reforms were not easy, explaining that reforms were being prepared in 2017 through a set of bills pertaining to the judiciary and legislation on how to make public administration more efficient.

Addressing a news conference after the European Commission released a report on Croatia's economic performance, Dalic said the report was mostly in line with the government's expectations.

To a certain extent the document "recognises the reform efforts made so far, and warns and calls for the acceleration of  endeavours in implementing structural reforms," she added.

In this context she spoke of a set of bills concerning the judiciary and those aimed at improving the functioning of public administration.

The Ministries of Labour and Public Administration are preparing bills about the promotion of and financial rewards for efficient public sector employees.

Dalic announced intensified consultations and talks with government departments on drawing up a new national reforms plan.

Underlining the government's focus on intensified absorption of EU funds conducive to economic growth, she underscored that the use of EU funds had been stepped up and currently 3.9 billion euros from EU financial schemes was about to be absorbed for various projects.

Asked to comment on the EC's remark that Croatia fared poorly even in the reforms Zagreb had announced itself to carry out, Dalic insisted that for the preparation of effective reforms it was necessary to make additional efforts and coordinate the work of government departments.

"I would like to see those reforms going faster. However, reforms can be implemented at a pace which the society can accept."

She noted that one of the deepest structural reforms concerned the business sector and it was the ongoing process of emergency administration in the Agrokor.

Dalic said that 2018 would be a year of reforms, as announced by Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic and by herself.

Text: Hina