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Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Wednesday underscored that the mystery concerning certain meetings and who spoke with whom with regard to Agrokor is not important and what is important is that, with the adoption of the law on the emergency administration, it is important to talk about restructuring and reaching settlements and that creditors too have to contribute to finding a sustainable solution for the corporation.

Asked by reporters to comment on the latest accusations by Ivica Todoric against Deputy Prime Minister Martina Dalic and that it was she, as a senior manager of a certain bank, who provided the corporation with loans at high interest rates, Plenkovic said that Dalic was in the banking sector many years ago.

"What is strategically important now, at this moment, is that, by adopting the law on the emergency administration for strategic companies, we preserved the economic and financial stability of the country, jobs, small family farms, suppliers, secured the most successful tourism season ever, and now it is important to continue with the process of restructuring and reach settlements in the end. That is the only and fundamental objective of the the government's work, in relation to the crisis that had loomed," Plenkovic said.

Asked by reporters whether he was aware that the emergency administrator in Agrokor, Ante Ramljak, had met with representatives of the Knightead fund, Plenkovic said that he did not know and that he read about that in the press.

Asked again whether he knew that Ramljak had met with Knightead prior to being appointed emergency administrator, Plenkovic said he did not know and that was something that was yet to be determined.

He added that this was not as dramatic and that no-one in the government would have done anything that could have caused panic on financial markets.

Asked whether Todoric's claims that he had met with cabinet members could have a negative political impact on Plenkovic, he said that he didn't see anything contentious in that.

"What do you expect of the government at a moment when more and more information indicate that there is a serious problem in the corporation and before any measures are taken, laws or decisions adopted talks are held to determine the facts. That mystery about who spoke with whom is absolutely unimportant," he said.

He underscored that the government did the only thing possible. Based on comparative experience and in accordance with the Constitution, we must find a legislative solution that would allow us to talk about how to restructure the company and how to come to a settlement without it costing tax payers their money," he said.

The prime minister claimed that the government was heading in the right direction.

"The fact that six months ago, two months ago or 22 days ago some people claimed that the government was doing this for the sake of one man, benefiting one company and now are claiming the exact opposite, unlike us who have kept the same consistent line of work and activities, is what is important," the prime minister said.

Asked what his opinion was that the coordinating body of suppliers have said that they will not write-off more than 15% of their old claims that emerged prior to the emergency administration (April 10), Plenkovic said that in the end, creditors will have to contribute to finding a sustainable solution.

"The emergency administration has been working for six months, there is still about nine months ahead of the emergency administration and creditors and during that process, I expect a quality restructure and sustainability of the companies and creditors too, in the end have to contribute to finding a sustainable solution," he said.

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