The Croatian Government adopted the Proposal of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan 2021–2026

Photo /Vijesti/2021/travanj/29 travnja/VRH_1578.png

The Plan will be sent for final consultations to the European Commission with the aim to finalise the document and ensure its full consistency with the legal framework and the requirements of the Regulation establishing the Recovery and Resilience Facility, including green and digital targets, in the coming weeks.

The Proposal of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which was prepared in close cooperation with the Commission services, encompasses five components: 1. Economy, 2. Public Administration, Justice and State Assets 3. Education, Science and Research, 4. Labour Market and Social Protection, 5. Health, and one initiative: Building Reconstruction. 

The proposed reforms and related investments in the Plan are in line with the Government’s strategic documents: the National Development Strategy 2030, the Programme of the Government 2020–2024, the National Reform Programme for 2019 and 2020 and the Action Plan for the Participation in the Exchange Rate Mechanism II. In addition, the Plan addresses main structural challenges identified as part of the European Semester 2019 and 2020.

The Croatian Government will continue to work closely with the Commission with a view to the positive assessment of the Plan.