Vukovar is the foundation of Croatia's freedom and independence

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Friday in Vukovar that this eastern city is the foundation of freedom, democracy and independence, reiterating the government's commitment to the search for the missing from the Homeland War.

We will continue with the efforts to establish what happened to those victims out of respect for the missing and their families, PM Plenković said.

"We are very well aware that cooperation with those who know more is essential to locate the sites where the remains of the victims were buried. They who know more are not in Croatia but in Belgrade," said Plenković, adding that Zagreb would insist on being provided with reliable information.

Pursuing policy of reconciliation and coexistence is important for future

The premier said that "the policy of reconciliation and coexistence is the only policy key to the future," when asked about yesterday's dissatisfaction by several residents in Škabrnja with the attendance of Deputy Prime Minister Anja Šimpraga of the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) at the commemoration in that southern town.

Horrendous atrocities were committed in that town in the Zadar hinterland, he said adding that he could understand the feelings of the families affected by the war.

It is good that the SDSS representative, Deputy PM Anja Šimpraga, went there to pay tribute to the victims, he added.

"It is important that representatives of the Croatian Serbs, represented by the SDSS in the parliament, pay tribute to the sacrifice of Vukovar. Their acts of paying tribute also to Serbs, killed in the Homeland War, is something we can understand and respect," Plenković said in response to questions whether it was appropriate for the SDSS to throw two wreaths in the Danube for the Croat and the Serb victims, on 17 November, on the eve of the Vukovar Remembrance Day.

Government's investments in Vukovar higher than in any other city

Asked for financial allocations for Vukovar, Plenković said that the investments made by his cabinet in the city were higher than in any other city.

Investments have been made in local education, transport and infrastructure and also in the Memorial Centre, he recalled.

The allocations from the Fund for Vukovar continue to rise, he added.

In the 2023 state budget, the allocation that will be disbursed for Vukovar amounts to €10 million, said the premier to corroborate his statement about his cabinet's commitment to the development of Vukovar.

Text: Hina