War rape victims entitled to financial compensation

Croatian citizens raped in the Homeland War, both men and women, will be entitled to a one-off financial compensation and to a permanent monthly allowance, the government proposed in the final bill on the rights of victims of sexual violence in the 1991-95 war.

The bill, which was sent to parliament for consideration, envisages the payment of a one-off compensation in the amount of HRK 100,000 or of HRK 150,000 in cases of graver consequences of the sexual violence experienced, as well as a monthly allowance in the amount of 73% of the budget base, which currently totals HRK 2,428.

These rights will be exercised by victims of sexual violence, that is, their first-degree descendants and adoptees.

"More than 20 years since the commission of sexual violence in the Homeland War, the victims, women and men, will finally be treated with respect and their suffering will be recognised," Assistant Veterans' Affairs Minister Vesna Nadj said.

Nadj said that Croatia was the first country in the region to give victims of sexual violence "a decent one-off compensation after the state and society failed to protect them and enable them to exercise their rights in the past 20 years."

Under the bill, the existing deadline for applying for the status of a victim of sexual violence will be removed, and costs related to the procedure of having one's status of a victim of rape recognised will be covered from the budget in all cases, and not only when the applicant proves his/her status.

Victims of sexual violence committed in the war will have the right to free legal aid in exercising their rights, the right to have their compulsory and additional health insurance covered, the right to regular annual medical check-ups, and the right to accommodation in institutions providing services and assistance to war veterans and war victims.

The government also suggested that the parliament accept the proposal by its Social Democratic Party group to declare September 26 a national day of people suffering from multiple sclerosis.

(EUR 1 = HRK 7.6)

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