We expect much more vaccine doses coming our way by June

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Tuesday that unlike Hungary and some other countries, Croatia was not thinking about manufacturing a COVID-19 vaccine from other companies as its population was just four million and 70% were expected to be given the purchased vaccines by summer.

As for the possibility of administering the Russian vaccine, he told the press in the village of Kokorići in the Dalmatian hinterland that he wanted to be completely sure about the procedure.

"Croatia, like other member states, relies on the EMA (European Medicines Agency). It must be reliable. We must trust the vaccine that is arriving. The key is, when the EMA approves medicines, the responsibility is on the pharmaceutical company. If we have no filter, then we are responsible."

Plenković said he had tasked the foreign and health ministers with this and that if the Russian vaccine's reliability was proved, "we will go for those additional quantities."

Speaking of the state's debt to drug wholesalers, he said more than HRK 1.3 billion was paid in December and, following reallocations in the state budget, an additional HRK 300 million.

He said the ministers of finance and health would talk with them.

HRK 3.7 million to deal with flood damage in Vrgorac area

The prime minister came to the village of Kokorići to visit the families whose homes were damaged in floods.

He said the government last year approved HRK 3.7 million to deal with the damage, sending the money to Split-Dalmatia County which will pay it to those affected in the next two weeks.

Text: Hina