We will continue to cooperate with the institutions of BiH, respecting the equality of Croats as a constituent people

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The Croatian state leadership, led by Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, on Monday laid wreaths and lit candles at Zagreb's central Mirogoj cemetery, on the occasion of Independence Day.

"Today, on Independence Day, we remember the time when the Croatian Parliament adopted a decision on severing all ties with the then Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY), only a day after the air strike on the government headquarters, carried out by the aggressor Yugoslav People's Army," Plenkovic said after laying wreaths.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Monday that electing Zeljko Komsic as the Croat member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina tripartite presidency was not good for the Croat people and for Bosnia and Herzegovina in general.

"Once again, owing to a positive legal framework that exists in Bosnia we are in a situation in which members of one constituent people on the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina are electing a representative of another constituent people," Plenkovic said.

"I don't think this is good and I believe that the goal is to have all three constituent people in Bosnia and Herzegovina feel good and devoted to their homeland Bosnia and Herzegovina," Plenkovic said.

He said he regretted that Dragan Covic of the Croatian Democratic Union of BiH was not elected to that post.

"In any case it is not good for this scenario to be repeated," the Croatian PM said.

Desipte that, he welcomed the holding of the general elections in Bosnia and congratulated all election winners, stressing that Zagreb would continue good cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Text: Hina