Directorate for the Use of Official Aircrafts

Head: Mladen Turković

Address: P.P. 24, 10150 Zračna luka Zagreb
Tel: +385 1 6303-150
Fax: +385 1 6224-677


The Directorate for the Use of Official Aircrafts is an expert service of the Government of the Republic of Croatia organised as the operator of aircraft owned by the Republic of Croatia (type Challenger CL-604 registration 9A-CRO) for occasional independent air transport for the needs of state authorities of the Republic of Croatia, in national and international civilian air transport.

The Directorate performs the following expert tasks, pursuant to the legislation and regulations in force in the field of civil aviation in the Republic of Croatia, applying the highest technical standards in terms of qualifications and training of the professional staff employed, and ensuring the security and quality of air transport: 

  • use of the official aircraft in flying operations;
  • maintenance and ensuring the constant readiness of the aircraft;
  • ensuring the quality and safety of air transport.