Institutions in the e-Citizens Project

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With the Decision to launch the e-Citizens project, the Government of the Republic of Croatia began a project which seeks to enable communication between citizens and the public sector through a single website -

Information for stakeholders and official project documentation

The Central Government Portal brings together information on the work of the Government and the ministries and public services, and provides secure access to electronic services.
The Project was proposed to the Government of the Republic of Croatia by the Commission for the Coordination of the Computerisation of the Public Sector, and is being implemented in phases in cooperation with:
  • the Prime Minister's Office of the RC and the Ministry of Administration;
  • the State Agencies FINA and APIS IT;
  • public sector bodies in the Republic of Croatia.

Components of the e-Citizens project

The e-Citizens project is defined by three components of a shared public sector infrastructure:
  • – the Central Government Portal;
  • NIAS – the National Identification and Authentication System;
  • OKP – the Personal User Mailbox.

Access is secure, using one or more acceptable electronic identification credentials (e.g. username/password, token, digital certificate, etc.)
What does the system provide?
The system was set up to enable public sector bodies, through appropriate web applications and web services, to communicate with the public and their users, in order to:
  • announce public information;
  • provide user-friendly and personalised "Single-Sign-On" e-services to users;
  • send personal official messages to users, related to public services, procedures or concerning their personal status.

Stakeholders in the project

The Minister of Administration coordinates the development of the e-Citizens system, and its partners are:
  • The Agency for Support to the IT System (APIS IT d.o.o.) in the development of the Personal User Mailbox
  • The Financial Agency (FINA), in the part of the development of the National Identification and Authentication System
  • The Ministry of Finance which finances the e-Citizens system
In addition, many other institutions are currently included in developing the e-Citizens system:
  • The Ministry of the Interior
  • The Ministry of Justice
  • The Ministry of Agriculture
  • The Tax Administration
  • The Croatian Academic and Research Network, CARNet
  • The University Computing Centre, SRCE
  • The Croatian Institute of Health Insurance
  • The Croatian Pension Fund.
  • The Croatian Employment Service
  • The Central Register of Affiliates, REGOS.

Additional information

If a public institution wishes to become involved in the project, it may contact the Ministry of Public Administration, e-Hrvatska Office, for information.
Telephone: + 385 1 2357 543
Fax: + 385 1 2357 693