PM: Parents wonder how long children will be without school

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Friday once again called on school unions to talks because there is still a little that needs to be "discussed" to find a solution, adding that parents are calling the government to ask when children will go back to school.

"We want to continue talks, find a solution. The most important thing is that the majority of the general public realises that during the four-year term of this government wages will have risen a 18.3% through the basic collective agreement" he said at a government meeting.

We are resolving a pretty significant number of skeletons in the cupboard

Plenkovic said that he respected the peaceful protest rally organised by unions in front of Government House yesterday, once again adding that this a government that acknowledged workers' rights, raised salaries and pensions.

"We are also somewhat responsible for wages increasing by 11.49% during our term in government, which will be confirmed in an agreement today in the government following negotiations with unions in state administration services," he added.

We are aware that our partners and negotiators on the other side of the table have a long memory and that they are not just considering the talks with the incumbent government.

"During our term we are resolving a pretty significant number of skeletons falling from the cupboard. We are rectifying certain injustices and filling certain voids and endeavouring to do the best we can. We will try and repair what we can, said Plenkovic calling unions to continue the talks.

"I call on union representatives to talks. We have to talk a little more and find a solution. The thing that is certain and resolutely claim and what the (education) minister knows, is that we absolutely share the stance that not going to school is not the solution," he underscored.

He claimed that striking against a government, which is increasing wages by 18 percent,  "simply from the view of indices, which we have not said that they are fair or logical," cannot be a sufficient reason to paralyse the school system and to jeopardise making up time, holidays and the scheduled state graduation examinations.

"We have to show a level of responsibility, that is the main message. This isn't an issue of emotions. This is an issue reason, an argument of reform that demands a lot of investment. We want to talk, we are constantly talking," he underscored.

It is necessary to go to school

"It is necessary to go to school, that is why schools exist. It is not fair to rebel against a government that is increasing wages. That just isn't rational, nor politically fair. Talks yes, however, no to the fact that children are not going to school," he underscored.

He estimated that the government was fair considering that striking teachers were paid while on strike until November 15 however he is convinced that "what has been going on since Tuesday is unnecessary and unfair." 

"Parents are calling us too and asking what will we do - how long  our children will not go to school," he said.

He claimed that certain stakeholders are exploiting the strike to politicise it against the government during electioneering.

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