Prime Minister Oreskovic says deal with Turkey good for refugees, Europe and Greece

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Croatian Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic said on Friday that the agreement on the migrant crisis reached between the European Union and Turkey was a good solution.

"Today we have reached an agreement with Turkey which is good for Europe, for refugees and for Greece," Oreskovic said after the EU-Turkey summit, which managed to reach a deal that should stop the influx of refugees and migrants from Turkey into Greece and on to northern Europe.

Under the agreement, all migrants who land at the Greek islands as of March 20 will be sent back to Turkey.

"That will be a major logistical challenge for Greece, but all of Europe will help, and I think that today we all are very optimistic and happy with what Europe has achieved together in such a short time," Oreskovic said.

He noted that this was the third summit in a month at which Europe had shown that it was capable of dealing with problems together.

(Text: Hina, Foto: POOL/ Tomislav KRASNEC/ ik)