Situation in Croatia stable and safe, says interior minister

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Interior Minister Vlaho Orepic said on Wednesday, in the wake of Tuesday's terrorist attack in Brussels, that the security situation in Croatia was stable and that the higher alert level referred to enhanced monitoring of all communication points.

He confirmed that the alert level had been raised to level three of four and that this referred to airports, roads and railways, that is, all points of intensive communication of people, resources and commodities."

"Croatia is stable and safe and that measure is a result of a preventive view of the overall situation and not of any concrete threat in Croatia," he said.

He confirmed that Croatia needs a new national security strategy and that certain steps have been taken in that regard, adding that the new strategy has to provide answers to challenges such as the Brussels terrorist attack.

"Not one war was won based on the theory of the one preceding it. The new strategy has to provide answers to new challenges that we will foresee," Orepic said, adding that that needs to be a document that can at any time "be adapted to the situation."

(Text: Hina)

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