The e-Citizens system

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This project was launched by the Croatian Government in order to modernise, simplify and speed up communication between citizens and the public administration, and increase the transparency of the public sector in providing public services. 

The e-Citizens system consists of:

  • the Central Government Portal which is the public part of the system
  • the Personal User Mailbox 
  • the National Identification and Authentication System. 

These components provide secure and advanced electronic communication with the public sector, and the Personal User Mailbox provides direct access to public administration services and for the receipt of personal electronic messages from public administration.

The Personal User Mailbox is also available as an application for smart phones Android,iPhone / iPad i Windows Phone.

Electronic services available:

Through the Personal User Mailbox, as well as viewing notices sent personally to you, you can also:

  • request electronic extracts from the register of births and marriages
  • verify your registration to vote in the electoral register
  • find out about your child's grades at school
  • verify your selected GP
  • order a European Health Insurance Card
  • request an electronic employment booklet
  • find out how much pension you can expect to receive
  • register as a potential employee
  • verify the amount of contributions paid into the Second Pillar of pension insurance
  • obtain a REGOS certificate
  • check your tax account card
  • check your data in the OIB system
  • manage your electronic identity.

E-messages available

In your Personal User Mailbox, you can receive messages and notifications about:
  • the expiry of your personal ID card, passport, driving licence or car registration
  • your polling station
  • rights under pension or health insurance
  • rights when unemployed
  • vaccination of household pets
  • new documents in the Case Management (eSpis) system
  • calculation of income tax
  • single payment slips for Zagrebački holding d.o.o. ...

Through the e-Citizens system you can also....

Of course, only some of the services have been mentioned, but the aim of this project is to include in the near future all other electronic services which are currently being offered by public sector bodies through their websites: from local self-government, county and state institutions.

In this way, public sector institutions are encouraged to develop the best quality and most efficient user-friendly electronic services.

I want e-Citizen credentials!

If you want to become an e-Citizen, you have to apply for electronic credentials and create your Personal User Mailbox.

Electronic credentials issued in branches of the Financial Agency are: Electronic credentials which can be used immediately for access to the e-Citizens system (it is not necessary to register in a branch of FINA) are:
  • a smart card from the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance (owned by health workers)
  • a username and password from the AAI@EDU system (under the competence of the University Computing Centre).
Citizens who already have a username and password issued by the Croatian Employment Service, the Croatian Institute for Pension Insurance or the Central Register of Affiliates, REGOS, must change their username and password on the website https:\\ to be able to use the system without any problems. 

User Support

To resolve problems with electronic credentials (ePass and mToken) and difficulties related to creating a Personal User Mailbox, contact the User Support Centre on:
For problems using other electronic credentials or difficulties in using other electronic services, users should contact the competent institutions who issued them (e.g. HZZO for Smart Cards)

You can find the contact details of these institutions on their service websites.  

For media enquiries, please contact:
Ministry of Public Administration
Administration for e-Croatia (e-Hrvatska)

telephone: + 385 1 2357 543
fax: +385 1 2357 693