Sprlje Ante

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Minister Sprlje: Rest assured that we will prosecute war criminalsJustice Minister Ante Sprlje said on Wednesday that Croatia will prosecute and bring to justice all who committed war crimes on its territory, including aides of the deceased ICTY indictee Goran Hadzic. 14.07.2016. | News
The government adopted two documents on broadband Internet access in CroatiaThe government adopted two documents on broadband Internet access in Croatia as a condition for the absorption of EU funds in this sector. 13.07.2016. | News
Prime Minister and ministers discuss Croat hooliganism at Euro 2016Caretaker Prime Minister  Oreskovic and his outgoing ministers agreeing to move urgent amendments to the law on the prevention of incidents at sporting events and the law on sports, and that the hooligans who have been identified will be prosecuted upon returning to Croatia. 20.06.2016. | News
Government proposes changes to enable resumption of strategic investment commissionThe Croatian government on Thursday drew up amendments to the legislation paving the way for the resumption of the work of the two commissions, with one of them having a say in strategic projects and the other in managing companies of strategic importance. 04.02.2016. | News